In 1991 enthusiasts of genealogy and family history established a research base in the Rockingham Museum. The Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc., based in Bayswater, required a minimum of 25 people to form a regional Branch; the group in Rockingham and districts provided 45 members when it was constituted as the ninth Branch of WAGS on 1 December 1992. When WAGS restructured its organisation in 2000, it lopped off its branches allowing us to become an independent society; the Family History Society of Rockingham & Districts Inc. was incorporated as of 1 April 2000.

Society Milestones

20 Jul 1991 First meeting of Rockingham genealogical enthusiasts
1 Feb 1992 Formation of Rockingham District Genealogy Group and Interim Committee
1 Dec 1992 Rockingham Branch of Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc. constituted
6 Feb 1992 Inaugural Annual General Meeting, Rockingham Branch and Election of Officers
1 Aug 1994 Moved Library resources from Rockingham Museum into Lotteries House
Jul 1995 First edition of Between the Lines, quarterly newsletter
2 Aug 1995 First Genealogy for Beginners’ Course conducted at Rockingham TAFE
2 Dec 1995 First Members’ Interests Directory published
12 Feb 1996 Acquisition of first computer for the Library
29 Sep 1996 WAGS Country Branch Conference hosted by Rockingham Branch
7 Dec 1996 Purchased St Catherine’s Death Index
1 Jan 1997 Library Sub-Committee formed
May 1997 First Library Catalogue generated
Jul 1997 Early Schools Records Project commenced
8 Sep 1997 Branch testimony – Parliamentary Inquiry into the Retention of the Census
Nov 1997 First Library Volunteers Workshop
3 Jan 1998 Launch of the Travelling Road Show (mobile display material)
1 Apr 2000 Family History Society of Rockingham & Districts Inc. established
Jul 2000 Society’s first website established (Schools Project)
12 Jul 2003 WAGS Affiliates Conference hosted by Rockingham Society
Mar 2006 London, Australia and Ireland Special Interest Groups formed
6 Apr 2006 First Strategic Plan implemented
1 May 2007 Internet launched in the Library
30 Sep 2009 Library Sub-Committee suspended
26 Jan 2012 Awarded the Premier’s Australia Day Active Citizenship Award
1 Apr 2012 New Website launched
14 -15 Sep 2012 WAGS Affiliates Conference hosted by Rockingham Society
15 Dec 2012 Rockingham & Districts Schools Record Project data went online at ancestry.com