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From The President.

This is a quick hello reminding you all that our AGM was held on Saturday 4th May, click here to view the annual report.

For those of you who have renewed your membership, thank you.

For those of you who have not renewed your membership it is a good time to think about it. Don’t forget that if you come into the library to use the many resources there as a non member you will be required to pay $5 on each visit.

Presidents update 20 September 2018.

It seems no time at all that I did my last update. But in that time I have travelled half way round the world and back, (notwithstanding the jet lag on return) I am in one piece.

I have written a couple of articles for the upcoming BTL so I won’t repeat that information here, suffice to say I had a great time, mostly with my cousin Mike and his wife Angela and dog Sadie. He took me around all the villages of East Kent where my Mother’s ancestors came from. We visited all the churches and again I was amazed at the number of them, sometimes two in a village. They are all still operating albeit with small congregations. As you will see in one of my articles Mike is a bell ringer, (a campanologist to you purists out there). He rings regularly in the Churches around East Kent and in particular Canterbury Cathedral.

We also visited a village in Sussex called Rotherfield where my Alchorne ancestors came from. There is an article on that in the BTL so you will need to wait for that.

Verna, Rae, Leon and I attended the Affiliates Conference in Busselton last Saturday. A good talk fest was had during the day with an exchange of ideas. Some of the Societies have great ideas, one of which is having a facebook page to reach a wider audience, which is a good idea however they have a dedicated administrator which is very necessary. We have tried that and have not been successful so far. If anyone is interested please let me know.

Each of the Societies was given a book by the WAGS reps called “Moments of Memory” and provides stories of mothers who lost their babies to adoption. If you are interested in this it is in our library.

We were advised that a Graeme McKenzie is coming out here next year for a series of talks on Scottish research etc. Unfortunately he will be in WA on Monday and Tuesday 25th and 26th March 2019. However if you would be interested in attending his lectures, (at a place to be determined), please let me know. His websites are and

We have had to make a last minute change to our speaker at the next meeting on 6th October. This will now be Diane Oldman who will talk about two WWI soldiers. Should be very interesting, and perhaps you could all spread the word because of the late change.

A reminder for you all that the Seniors Expo is on 5th October at the Mike Barnet sports centre. We still need some people to help on our stall. Last year we had a great response to our open day on the Saturday after in the library so we are doing the same this year, on the 6th, just before our meeting. The library will open at 10.00 a.m. and we will finish by 1 p.m. getting to our meeting at 2.

Peter Godfrey, President.

20 September 2018.

Mandurah FHS Meeting   Library  Precinct off Third Avenue Mandurah,  next meeting 1.30pm  Saturday 14th September 2019 when we have our talk Darryl Brady – Advancing You DNA Tree click here for details .