President’s Report – 

    1. To view our Annual Report 2018 click here
    2. Family History Society of Rockingham and Districts Inc.Update.Yesterday 5th May we held our AGM and the following office bearers were elected:President                                            MyselfSecretary                                             Betty Vandelande

      Treasurer                                            Leon Daly

      Library Coordinator                        Verna Nazzari

      Program Planner                              Rae Matthews

      Membership Secretary                 Chris Dodson

      Publicity Officer                               Pamela Lydford

      Fundraising Coordinator              Terry Craig

      The following non-executive appointments were also made:

      BTL Editor                                            John Wiseman

      Website Administrator                 Betty Vandelande

      Auditor                                                Currently vacant but we hope to fill this position shortly.

      Once more these volunteers have put their hand up to help us operate a Society that is well worth belonging to.  Thanks to you all.

      Leon made a presentation on the smart screen about our finances that was well received.

      Two special awards were made to Michael Sutton and Terry Craig.

      The former was the” Silver Saucer”  presented to Michael for meritorious service in the kitchen as he never misses helping to wash up at our monthly meetings.

      The latter was the “Silver Raffle Book” presented to Terry for meritorious service in selling us raffle tickets each month.

      These two awards were provided with applause and much merriment.

      We had a very interesting speaker in Peter Strickland from the Freemasons who told us about the Statue of Liberty that sits at the entrance to New York harbour. It was built by the Masons in France and shipped across the Atlantic in pieces in the late 1880’s.

      He also advised us that their lodge in Subiaco has a lot of personal records of Masons that anyone interested can access. You need to make an appointment.

      I have been asked by John Wiseman to remind you all, that he is always after articles for the BTL. This is a good way of sharing some of your research that I know all of you are beavering away at. No matter how small the issue is we would love to hear from you, as what you might have come across might just be the missing link that someone else has been looking for.

      Since my talk on Sources and Citations I have been going through my tree in Ancestry and updating it for these. In doing so, I have found more information for some of my ancestors since I did the research originally. In one case, came across a burial in Dover for an Elizabeth mills in 1862 for what I originally assumed was correct.  However on looking deeper into it and finding the record for the grave stone it turned out that I had the wrong person.  I’m sure if you look deep into some of yours you might errors like this so it is good to revisit your tree now and again, (when you do your sources and citations like I have)!!!!!
      Our Library is well equipped with access to all the major genealogical data bases such as Ancestry, Findmypast, and others. We also have a good collection of books and magazines for you to borrow. And as I said above very experienced volunteers to assist in your research.

       I hope to see you at one of our monthly meetings at 2 p.m. on the first Saturday of every month. Our October 2018 speaker Diane Oldman will talk  about “York Museum A.I.F. Project, Remembering Them” 


      Peter Godfrey
      6 May 2018