President’s Report – 

      1. To view our Annual Report 2020-21 click here
      2. President’s Update.I was very heartened recently when I put out a call for raffle prizes, your response was amazing. We have now sorted it all out and have the following for raffles:
        1. prizes for our monthly meetings from 6th November into next year,
        2. A large collection of prizes for 2 Christmas Raffle prizes. Tickets started to be sold yesterday and will continue at the volunteer’s lunch and annual quiz on the 4th This raffle will be drawn at the end of the quiz. Tickets are also on sale in the library for $1 each or 5 for $4,
        3. I have made up a 10 question, genealogical quiz for the volunteer’s lunch, with a prize for each correct answer,
        4. We have enough prizes to give out for a separate raffle during the quiz, and
        5. We have made up raffle prizes for Mother’s and Father’s days next year.

        You should all be aware the COVID crisis has hit us hard financially. Our cash funds have depleted by about $5,000 in the last year due to closures of the library and less people attending the library. These two items have seen a reduction in cash receipts. However, our fixed costs have remained the same due mainly to rental from Lotteries House and power supply. In addition, other costs such as subscriptions have remained steady. Our membership is also down on last year which results in a deficit of about $800 in fees. In the new year we are going to apply for a grant from the City of Rockingham to help our financials. About 18 months ago the mayor of the C of R  urged us to do this, so we will see what happen as they have been generous in the past.

        I would appreciate it, if, when you are talking to family and friends, to mention our well-equipped library. For those perhaps reading this on our website or Facebook page, our fees for use of the library are very reasonable at $5 per visit for visitors plus $1 hour plus 20c for prints. Members do not pay the $5 fee, so, if you are interested in researching your family tree it may be better for you to become a member. The annual fee is $40 but as we are part way through our financial year, we are discounting that to $20 until the end of April 2022. We have all the necessary software to do genealogical research. We can also, at a small cost arrange to do research for people if they so desire. We have access to Ancestry World, Find My Past, and FamilySearch and other research tools and when you visit the library there are always 2 members ready to help with your research. In addition, as we are now an affiliated library for you can access original documents that have been digitised by the LDS.

        We have some good speakers coming up and I urge you to come along and learn something about different subjects.

        December 4th              Volunteers lunch 11.30 a.m. and Annual Quiz 2 p.m.

        Speakers 2022

        January 8th                   Wendy Durant Rockingham Museum

        February 5th                 Gynn Williams, Angela Hetmans FHWA Military Group

        March 5th                    John Adeney Boer War

        April 2nd                       Christine Timoney Irish in my Veins. Uncovering your Irish Story.

        May 7th                        AGM followed by Q and A on Genealogical websites

        June 4th                        Alison Oliver Library cards and library collections

        July 2nd                         Stroke Safe Deb Palacios


        You are probably aware by now that the 1921 England and Wales census is being released to Find My Past on 6th January 2022 and will cover some 38 million people, in 30,000 bound volumes from the National Archives in England. It has taken over 2 years to transcribe and digitise. Initially there will be a fee for use of by FMP of A$4.80 for every record transcript and A$6.60 for every original record image. In time it will be available in Ancestry etc.


        Peter Godfrey, President.

        7th November 2021